Been seeing a priest

He happens to have bipolar disorder. He is very compassionate towards me and open-minded as well.

I saw a celebrity priest (not the one I’m meeting with) give a talk on the Passion and left uninspired. It was Father Larry Richards, I have his book “Be a Man!” which didn’t inspire me either. Honestly Father Richards is kind of obnoxious.

The priest I’m seeing, who I won’t name, is giving me spiritual direction. I don’t have to pay anything which is cool. :smiley:

In other news, a family member was arrested today for not paying off a speeding ticket. Sigh

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Celebrities about something are not necessarily the best. That gets proven all the time. I’m glad you found your help in a “little guy”. He isn’t little to you.
I had a conflict with Christianity as a very young child because I could not avoid thinking they killed the winner, they killed the good guy. It brought me to my knees. I did not want to do well because I did not want to be killed.


Thats Great bluey i hope you get something out of it,

on friday it is World prayer day and i will be attending a catholic church for the first time so i’m looking forward to That,

I think it is a good positive thing to do sometimes as long as you dont get unwell, take Care.