Been putting myself out there

Got my step son signed up for football, which will be starting this month and got him on the list to join 4-H which starts in September🙂

So far I’m not having too bad of issues with socializing with other parents… we will see how it goes when I actually have to start going to 4-H meetings and going to football practices lol.


Good for you. Hope it works out, for you. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

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Haha thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey, that’s awesome. I’m sure it will be a positive experience for everyone. Every road has bumps though, don’t get discouraged

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Good job. I really struggle with that, so I get how hard it is

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I never fit in with the other parents at my children’s events and activities because I was so much older than the other parents. I made friends with my kid’s best friends parents but we didn’t hang out really. If you can fit in and make friends that would be great.

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That would be pretty sweet if I could make some friends!

I guess all I’m really hoping for is just no awkwardness😅


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