Been putting it off

I’ve been depressed and not wanting to do anything today. I’ve even put off taking my meds, but I think it’s time to swallow my six nightly pills, even thought at the moment I don’t think they’re doing enough for me. But it’s habit now, every night 1 300 MG Seroquel, 1 200 MG Seroquel, One 20 MG of Escitalorpram, one .5 MG of Lorezapam, and 2 1,000 MG of Vitamin D. down the hatch. No more, no less. Another day gone and done…

Good for you, sohare1981. It’s a good habit remembering to take meds everyday. Only meds can give us a peaceful day and night, although not guaranteed.

You aren’t supposed to take more than about 0.025mg of vitamin D supplements a day, is that a typo or are you saying you take a total of 2000mg of vitamin D?

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So that would be 0.015mg then. Or maybe the 2000mg here is micrograms, but even then thats 2mg

But I’ve let myself forget about the point of the post oops.

I’m sorry you’re having to fight depression, I know how hard that can be. Is the Escitalorpram helping at all? If it is and this is a continuing problem then maybe a dose increase could help?

Yes, it says I take two 1,000 well not sure if it’s MG or not, the bottle says 1,000 units SFTGL, I just assumed it was MG? So in all I take a total of 2,000 unit’s of Vitamin D a day.

Doing a bit better today than I was last night at this time. I’m not so depressed at least. Still feel a bit worthless and helpless, and hopeless but the depression has lifted some. So I guess that’s good enough for today. I did some work, not on my writing but taking a book I bought a while ago (well parents bought for me) about character writing and I’ve been making word documents of each of the segments in the book so when I’m at the computer working on character development I can just pull up the word documents rather than pull out a bulky book.

I don’t plan on putting any of this information I’m copying down on the net, making additional copies or trying to make a profit off of it. I kind of think of it as if I were making notes for a class rather than the voices trying to make worry about copyright infringements.

It helps me with my concentration because I have to stay focused on what I write down and it helps me retain the information I read a bit better. I had a bit of trouble loosing my place or writing down the wrong definition for a term but it’s not like I’m being graded or tested for my typing accuracy. It just gives me something to do to stay proactive in my battle with poor concentration.

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I’m working on my 13th beer. I just barely remembered to take my nightly med’s. Life isn’t bad. I’ll be hung over tommorow. Then I’ll have a hang over.

I’m glad you’re feeling better sohare! Good luck on your hang over crimby.