Been on clozapine before, thinking of trying it again


its complete frustration for me…i used to be on 900mg clozapine and had tiny positive results…but my bloods went into danger zone, so had to come off it

should i try it again, as all other meds have failed…now my pdoc is putting me on combinaations of meds but all have so far failed


It’s a tricky one, on one hand it might help you with positives but damage you psychically


What are your symptoms ?


getting constant commands to humiliate myself eg shouting out in my local supermarket “what would you rate me on a scale of 1 to 10 for looks, i would give myself an eight” Also " i think my broad shoulders are one of my greatest attributes what do you think


When does it started to you ?


do you mean when did it start

it started 16 yrs ago when i was 26


Ok … do you drink alcohol ?


I probably am treatment resistant. I am on a combo of 3 antipsychotics. I still hear voices but my mood is good


no don’t drink alcohol


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