Been on a diet but haven't lost any weight

I am so frustrated, I have been on a diet for more than a week but haven’t lost any weight. Maybe I am losing inches.

In the past when I dieted it would take a bit to see progress. How your clothes fit is definitely a better determination.

@see121 Give it a month or so to see results.

Do you see a dietitian? That helps because they monitor your weight each appt.

It’s funny. I’ve never known the Y or Curves to give nutritional classes. I used to work out but still didn’t eat the right things

It takes time for weight to change, unless you actually starve yourself, and that doesn’t work b/c when you resume eating it’s overdone so weight goes up(very unhealthy to yo-yo diet).

I’ve been dieting since mid-July and went down one size after about 5-6 weeks. I only weigh in at the doc office(in 2 wks) so I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost. At 65 y.o. I’m happy to lose any!


I need to lose some weight and should be on a diet. I know what the problem is. I take Risperidone in the evening, then go nuts eating everything in sight.

Remember that 1g of fat = 9 calories.

Word diet within itself really means nothing if you aren’t creating actual deficit, so that your body can finally tap in those fat reserves.

You need to create calorie deficit each and every single day so that you can start losing body fat progressively.

Even in scenario where person eats nothing, zero caloroes for 7 days, she/he would still lose very little. Maybe 2lbs fat per week. But that’s having zero food for 7 days. Maybe first week person would lose more due initial water bloat.

Cronometer app is a fine choice to start logging in each and every food item you ingest, so that you can have a broader picture. And start making an adjustments from there.

Eating calorie surplus = weight gained
Eating calorie deficit = weight lost

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