Been in the game for a sec

I first started having hallucinations as a child. Would hear voices, feel fingers caressing my face, and see ghost in my room(not convinced the ghosts weren’t actually there). Then went through some horrible teenage years drinking lots of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and the such. Then joined the Navy and drank lots of alcohol to cope with my moods because I got in lots of trouble in the military. Got out of the Navy then spent time in psych hospitals, living on the streets, and going to jail. Now I’m middle aged and so much more stable I now am more familiar with what triggers my symptoms so I do my best to keep those triggers at bay. Just wanted to say hey to you all and for y’all to know that you can make it….it’s a ■■■■■ but that’s life- especially if you have an illness. Peace :v:


That’s such a huuuuuge thing and an amazing number of people with this illness won’t or cannot grasp that. Well done you.



This is awesome @Sweatpantslounger!

If you don’t mind me asking you, how old are you?

I’m 58 and have been living with this disorder for a while too!


I’m 46 years old now