Been having problems with thought blocking I think: not sure

This last week my train of thought has just been going completely blank at random points. It’s like your phone when the signal cuts out.

My sister messaged me half an hour ago and I tried to reply. Wrote ‘hello…’ then I just went completely blank and wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. Gave up on the message.

I think it might be thought blocking - I don’t think it is a delusion of thought withdrawal. Feels kinda more neurological than that if that makes sense. I hope it is not seizures.

Ps am coming off gabapentin at the moment. Started sarcosine two days ago.

A doctor once told me that thought block can be a sign of relapse. I was having thought block after a stressful time, i.e. it was bought on by stress (naturally).

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Sounds like intense anxiety or possibly withdrawals from the gabapentin which would cause anxiety because that’s what gabapentin is usually prescribed for.

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Not feeling particularly anxious though.

But you are right. It is most likely gabapentin withdrawals