Been hallucinating a bit

And I’m alone unfortunately. Can we chat a bit so I’ll relax? I’ve been playing Destiny 2 a lot lately, new release, but haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should because of it. About to lay down to unwind after I finish smoking this cigarette. Idk but I’m already feeling better lol.

I spent time with and old but also new friend yesterday, that was pretty cool. I actually drove a few exits up on the interstate to give him a ride which he desperately needed, which was a major accomplishment for me as a severe agoraphobe. Then him and I went to Taco Bell, and I actually went inside, ordered food, and also made conversation with one of the employees outside. That was literally major for me because I never willingly go out in public and I especially don’t interact with strangers IRL. The downside is that I was self-medicating yesterday so to me it sullied my accomplishment a bit, but I know “I had the strength to get better and make progress all along,” which is a total cliché but it is pretty true though. I’d like to be able to feel a bit more normal, in public and in general, without having self-medicated. That would be really awesome. I just have to work up the courage to actually try.

Anyways yeah, I’ve been a member here for a while and never really opened up to you guys before so…tada! I opened up a little bit haha. It only took some severe delusions/hallucinations to get me to do so, right? lmao. But yeah surprise lol.

Well, thanks for listening. I already feel much better than I felt and the symptoms seem to have mostly subsided for now. So thanks for that, too. (:


Hi, @Lexicon, I have to get in the shower and can’t really chat but I hope you feel better. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not good at chatting, but I’m up and have nothing to do, so I’ll try to keep you company if you still want that. I know what you mean about self medicating in order to feel normal. I did that a lot with alcohol. I took two pain pills this morning because we’re going to town this morning, and that should take the edge off. I don’t know if that should be considered “blowing my sobriety” or not. It’s been seven and a half months since I last drank.

I personally wouldn’t consider two pain pills to be “blowing sobriety,” especially not from alcohol, no.

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People are usually very readily available to chat here. I’d by lying if I said the lack of a response wasn’t disheartening and slightly paranoia-inducing.

Hey, I’m here.

Not much going on. I went out because it was a beautiful day. I took a shower. Eating a cookie. I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.