Been bullied


Have you been bullied at school when you were a teenager. Nobody knew you had sz and been treated like an idiot?


Yep. I was picked on a lot by short scrawny gremlins kids who hid behind zero tolerance rules vs violence. If it wasn’t for those rules and the fact that I’m such a sweetheart I’d have dunked their heads in toilets.


Yes therefore school became like going to war every morning against all these terrorist kids.


I think they got a thrill tteasing a kid twice their size. Kids should be allowed some degree of self regulation as long as they don’t go overboard. These lol shots needed to learn that in rl people who talk shot to some1 bigger than them are gonna get stomped.


Kids are kids. I decided to be the man I needed when I was kid.


Yes I was bullied twice in two different schools. Once for two years and once for a half year. And a half year after my basic training in the german army.


When I was a teenager I was bullied at School, Out of School and at home. I would probably use the word violence, but I guess that is bullying as well.

I had no escape from it really. The psychologist reckons its why I turned to drugs so young. Not sure about that… I think that just made things worse and I could do without her opinion on this.


Drugs can cause enlightenment in 5 minutes. That why drugs so dangerous and expensive. Don’t let drugs control you.Sometimes the voices ask me how much more enlightenment I need. I can’t get enough.As I am dying slowly.


at times in the past, I was worse then bullied I was humiliated


I was bullied from grade 2 to grade 8. Going to a private school only made things worse. The kids from a little better background bullied the kids of lower socioeconomic status. One time they peer pressured a boy into saying something disgusting to a girl that got him into huge trouble. They never got into trouble for anything they did. They were in control of everything that went on in terms of the male kids themselves like gangsters or something. They would get kids to fight but they never wanted any part of anything like that themselves.


I was bullied pretty badly in Middle School. Then I somehow became friends with a really popular girl and it stopped. The bullies still kept their eyes on me but I was “safe”. Middle School sucked for me. I wasn’t entirely innocent though. I threw a rock at a boy once as a kid. I feel awful about it.


I had to deal with rejection, lonelyness and guilt on top of my unknown mental illness… It’s a miracle I am still among you.


The fact you’re still here shows the strength you have. I hope you decide to stay. I sometimes go into a dark place, but come back around each time so far. Just keep going. I found life after school is very different, but due to isolation I am not really sure I can say things are better or worse, all I know is that myself and others who were bullied probably found finishing school a relief…


Yup. I had negative symptoms before positives and so I was always the weird awkward loner girl. In high school everyone thought I was a huge stoner (even tho I’ve never tried it) cause I was always flat and distant and forgetful.


The song workingclasshero from John Lennon is a big help. It express how I felt.


I was bullied in elementary. But high school I wasnt.


I’ve been bullied because I was shy, when I was 15 years old it got worse. Some kids are assholes, by the way the most mean kids were also the most dumber


IDK, one of the kids who used to beat on me when I was a toddler ended up becoming a town councilman. I heard about this because it turns out he threatened a guy. So maybe he’s dumb afterall.


Yeah, but in my case those kids were very dumb, they had low ratings (if that is the correct word) and they were always playing and annoying other kids


I was bullied in Middle school.
It basically stopped in high school.