Bedwetting While Triggered

I was triggered several weeks ago and one of the unfortunate side effects was I wet my bed; twice. While I was under enormous stress, I’ve never done this before. Has this ever happened to anyone when they get triggered?

Talk to your psychiatrist. Some antipsychotics can cause that.


I never thought it could be the medications. Thanks for the advice.

By triggered, do you mean as a result from PTSD? Because it’s a common part of the regression symptom with PTSD.

Here is a thread from a good PTSD community on the topic, as an example:

I couldn’t find very many good articles about it from a quick search, probably because too many people who experience it are too embarrassed to report it. But yeah, it’s a regression thing in people with PTSD, if that’s what you meant, so you might be able to find more people who can relate on a PTSD community (again if that is what you meant by triggered).

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Are you taking clozapine?

Stress triggers my SZ symptoms, especially hallucinations, and the hallucinations cause more stress.

So I guess the link is probably more related to the stress than the SZ hallucinations; that makes more sense. Thanks for posting the article!

No, I’m taking Risperdal, 2 mg. While it’s not a huge dose, I have noticed that my dreams have been very vivid. I am supposed to ramp up to 4 mg, but now I’m concerned if bedwetting is a side effect.

I looked it up and they say it is very rare with Risperdal, but it has happened. I’ll certainly talk to my pdoc about it.

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Oh I’m sorry this happened to you. Definitely talk to your pdoc!

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Yeah, it could be the Meds - I would talk it over with your pdoc as soon as possible.

Best of luck -

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Or it might be that your bladder gets full and you are in deep sleep. Try emptying bladder before going to bed.

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