Becoming unwell I think

My mind is getting more and more filled with what the doctors told me were delusions. I’m paranoid, and cant shake the idea of this all,being a simulation. My thought challenging isnt working tonight, and for some reason I’m scared to sleep. Have to be up at 5am for work, and its 10:34pm currently. Still have to shower, and the thought of work is filling me with dread.

Seeing my pdoc friday to get back on antipsychotics. I have to hold on until then. I have to.

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Instead of a shower, take a bath. Light candles and turn off the main lights

Thank you for the reply. I would, but as ashamed as I am to say it as a grown man, I still have a fear of the dark. Bad things happen in the dark.

It takes a real man to admit his fears.
No shame in being honest.
If you lit enough candles, that wouldn’t help?

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I only have one candle. I am just going to get it done. I just dread it as I hear whispers through the falling water.

Ahh, it’s that. Yes, that will ruin the immersion effect. I have also found a radio doesn’t entierly help as well.

What about writing all of your thought into a journal. I do that when i need to get it out my head. I write, draw, what ever come to midn.

Good sleep is so very important. Try to lay down in a partially lit room, even if you don’t sleep, you can rest.

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