Becoming a therapist

So I was going to study to become a therapist, but the pay in my country is very low (around 1,500 USD per month) for a graduate-level therapist. I am really passionate about this occupation, but it is so low-paying that I cannot afford a living at all.

What should I do? Should I find another occupation to aim for or even go to doctorate level to become a psychiatrist or work in a different field?

Urgh. Life is challenging.

Do they have clinical psychologists in Korea. In the uk their pay reflects the many years of training required

You have to go into phd to become one, right? I’m open to that as well. I’ll see what I want to do in masters.

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Yeah is three years post-grad in the uk

I’m sorry to say this but I think it’s really important that you become emotionally stable before you consider becoming a therapist. Your personal life will affect how well you’re able to do the job.

My disability benefits is something like $1850.00 a month. I’m getting by on it, but I’m in the USA.

I’m working on it with a therapist. Graduate studies is not until 2 years from now. It’s a slow process, but I can do this!


If your hatred of people is real, it would seem like an impediment to being successful in the helping profession.

I would think so too. I think it’s just the burden of stigma I’ve felt over the years. People have been cruel, and I’ve grown to naturally despise individuals who seem hostile, not knowing what they’ll do to me.

I’ve been abused pretty badly at school so I’ve grown to be fearful.

My new therapist agrees that this stems from my PTSD and it needs to be addressed immediately or I will end up breaking down or end up in a hospital. I just hope that I will be able to solve this before my mental state becomes like a ruined castle.

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