Becoming a psychiatrist

I don’t know why but I never found myself wanting to become a psychiatrist… maybe its because I can’t deal with these type of jobs.

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I wouldn’t give up on it. It’s something you can inquire or ask about. Maybe google, ask some doctors, or get a lawyer to tell you. In America, I think it’s allowed.

You can do whatever you want.

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Let’s first see how I do on Vraylar :sweat_smile:


İ want to study mathematical engineering.but its just a prefrontal cortex is lame.lot of medicine sickness.but at least still my dream that keep me alive. :smile::sunrise_over_mountains:


I want to be an engineer – work with my hands. Like EE or CE. Preferably CE because I like computers, the pay is higher, and it sounds cooler. You get some more programming. EE is harder, more hardcore physics and theory, and more job prospects but lesser pay. I think.

I want to be ‘a man’ ie work with my hands, build things, be self-sufficient, make money. I convinced myself I’m john titor so I’m trying to prepare my severely disabled self to take care of myself in the not so distant dystopian future.

I don’t think a real company will ever hire me. Maybe a small company or a local one. Maybe I’d have to be an entrepreneur or do a start up. That’s why I like engineering over CS because CS is better for money and jobs and the theory is intense and cool but you don’t learn hands on skills like building houses and fixing cars and building time machines haha.

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I have a feeling people with sz could make the best psychiatrists, they’ve been through mental hell and would be compassionate and understanding, more so than stuffy proud egotistical normie doctors. Go for it. You’d probably be able to help lots of people.


Ya we can make the BEST or the WORST psychiatrists. I think you need to be extremely stable and pretty much recovered though. It’s not just intense, hard, and lots of schooling. You gotta be smart and be able to work your ass off. Money is nice. Real nice. Med school is hard as well as the MCAT.

I tend to put myself in the hardest positions. I think business school is a breeze unless you do a PhD or become a quant. Like the GMAT. My former friend scored super high on it. Could have got in to a 10 ten or something but chose not to. Not sure why.

I would hate myself if I was an accountant. It’s just bean counting and I would quit. I liked finance a lot – too much, but it’s a prestige thing and I have no reputation – I ruined it. I have to make my own fortune in this world now.

Regarding med, I would have done it. But I changed my mind. I think engineering is better for me. I think with my delusions, I would be a terrible medical professional in the psychiatric field. I do have empathy though.

If I had to be a doctor, I would be a surgeon or a general doctor. I would even consider other careers that require less schooling. I think people get stuck on the title or the money or the prestige.

I think some psychiatrists make way too much and there is definitely a shortage here. I would do it if things were different.

My best bet is to make it big with patents or intellectual property and sell it or make products I guess as a programmer/engineer/inventor. I’m already 31 and expect to die young from cancer or something. I hope most of my money I potentially make goes to my immediate family since I have no kids. I have two nieces, a brother, and a sister. My mom and my father. That’s about it.

Time is ticking.

I think radiology therapist is cool. They make good money with little amounts of school. I like physics. Same thing with PA. I’m not really a nurse person. But I don’t want to go into the medical field. Same thing with law. I bought some law study books and threw them away. Wasted over a hundred dollars. Same thing with my actuary P1 exam book. I tried and tossed it. That book alone was almost 100 dollars. No more study manuals for me!

I had a lot of thoughts and stuff like most people. I had a laser focus of being a banker before I got schizophrenia, but then I changed my mind a dozen times afterwards. My backup was economics (being an economist getting a phd).

I think true (real) schizophrenics have it bad. Most don’t recover and do well in life. Most can barely function and do menial work part time or are homeless. I might be one of them. It’s not all my fault I don’t think. I might be a victim but I believe in forgiveness and deliverence? and an afterlife.

I had my former female psychiatrist say to be an engineer or programmer and to stay away from math and physics (she said my IQ was 110 based off my vocabulary and mannerisms), and then my current psychiatrist said I would make a good mid-tier college math professor (which made me feel great). What I gathered from that is I wouldn’t be a Harvard math professor or something but I could be a community college math professor or even an average state school math professor at your average state school (No UCs though lol).

But my reputation is tarnished and it’s not all my fault. Like I said, I believe in forgiveness, and deliverence. I hope to achieve peace and happiness some day.

I’m sure that there are many schizophrenics who have become therapists and psychiatrists. There’s not law saying you can’t.

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While idk how I will be on Vraylar, I used to dissect human bodies in university and watch Dr House series full of blood and diseases, I liked it back then. Since having schizophrenia these triggers me even on Abilify, I can’t watch Dr House anymore. Religious stuff triggers me too. I don’t think Vraylar will fix these, its permanent.

So I think I will just study programming, computer science or IT. Or if I can work with my current physiotherapy degree, it will be the best. Like athletic therapist, exercise physiologist in rehab hospitals. Training ppl after heart surgery, lung surgery, cancer, etc

Testing physiological parametes, VO2 max, oxygen consumption, oxygenation of the lungs, cardiac performance (bring it back to normal through exercise), etc

I took care of a small gym by myself alone before sz. I took emergency care courses about concussions, spinal injuries and how to place these ppl on a spinal board, etc the paramedic stuff. For concussions there is 20 questions to ask and tests to do, balance tests like those the cops do. If there is a missing appendage (finger, etc) we have to put in ice so the surgeon can repair it, etc

One of my exams was a spinally injured girl during a hockey game. We had to pretend that its real, stop the game, make sure to not make the injury worse, open airways if the spinal cord is injured at a high level (C1-C4) cervical spine, etc Spinal injuries can stop your breathing by paralyzing the diaphragm muscle! I had 20 min to do it, it seems a lot but there is Lots of stuff to remember and do.

I’ll be your first patient.

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@gcar You’re a paramedic, right?

I want to do something where I work part-time. That allows me to lead a middle class life. Then do pro bono the rest of the time. I’ve always had a deep desire to live a life of service.

What were you working before schizophrenia?

We dissected a lady’s brain, liver, etc I hated the liver, its hard to pinpoint its parts bcz it all looks the same, a chunk of dark meat.

Ppl think physiotherapy is easy but we study 40% of what med students study!