Because I'm a stupid girl

Just uncovered my thought process on the subject. So much of my life turned out the way it did because I was rejected for being a stupid girl. I reject myself.

You’re very intelligent @PinCushion .

Thanks, @everhopeful I wish life had recognized that.

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Never reject yourself I know it is difficult especially when under a lot of stress…

But, you have got a brain and a heart don’t forget.

So how could you possibly be stupid.

It’s good to form a bubble around you to protect you from negativity.

And also sometimes it’s good to really examine what ppl are saying sometimes you can take something out of the negativity.

Ppl called me stupid too. In a way I am

It’s just not a nice way to say it

Same here. I have some glaring intellectual deficits. I am almost totally lacking in practical skills. It’s bad.

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Okay but you are definitely not stupid in every way. Nor am I.

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Yes. Definitely. Everybody has lapses, and they often pay for them, even if they are highly intelligent people.

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