Beauty that keeps me motivated


Here is the golden sunrise that I woke up to this morning. It gave me peace and motivation to make today better than yesterday.

I hope you all are blessed with beauty and motivation in your lives.




That’s a very bright yellow sky.


What a great sky. That would cheer me up too. For now I have the this small cove.

Up about a mile or so at the end of our road is my favorite place to hang out.


That looks very peaceful too! I think it’s important to find your spot in nature where you feel connected and safe.

For me, this place is under a canopy of oak trees near my place


I’m a huge sucker or Oak trees. I know I’m almost 30, but I still climb them for fun. My favorite tree.

What a lovely place. I’m picturing a thermos of Iced tea and a sandwich right there on a warm afternoon.


I have been here … beaches of Costa Rica


Beautiful! I love beaches. My favorite one is Big Talbot Island in northern Florida, where I used to live. You have to pay to get on, so it’s always desolate and super peaceful.

Thanks for sharing!