Beard or Not

Do you girls of the forum think that beard is okay for the winter season or not??



Don’t like beards on men

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I love beards.

Specially with braveheart and Vikings hairdo or long hair.

Hubby has to wear a long beard, it’s required cause else he has the face of a 15 year old, lol. Told him if he shaves it off he is gonna be lonely till it grows back.

Also, unwritten code amongst corrections officers, gotta have a huge beard, better if you gotta the Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones or anything seen on Vikings. The guys give each other ■■■■ if they shave, but regular hair is kept pretty buzzed short, John leaves fuzz on his head so he’s not bald, lol, otherwise he’s got hair like Bob Ross if he doesn’t cut it every 6 weeks.

Yes, either way.


I have a beard.
It’s pretty full.

I like short beards. But honestly I think men should do what they feel most comfortable with.

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  • Beard
  • Not Bearded

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My boyfriend can’t grow a beard but he sure can rock a soul patch. :smile:

I like any kind of facial hair so I’m voting beard.

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well I would like to have a beard, but im looking for work, so I decided to cut my hair and shave my beard. if I go back to working in a warehouse, I will grow out my beard again. im defeated by the man. again… haha.

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Who do you like them on?

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Like I said before I’m rocking a full gray and slightly brown full beard.

whichever you are more comfortable with is best, it’s your face.

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The poll is for @MHS it’s not for me.

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I’m not generally a beard fan, but I like scruff. Just me, though. Go with what makes you happy.

I got a baby face without a beard so no, wont shave it all off.

Beards are cool!

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