Be You And Be Good With It!. (Look Inside)


Enjoy Your Time Here On Earth And Relax For A Little While!. :pensive:

There’s Only One Human Being With Your Thoughts And Your Form. So, Do The Best You Can.


The Best You Can Is Good Enough!. :stuck_out_tongue:

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:



Play Catch Up, Go Fish, (Like The Card Game), And Discover The World (!!!).


Allow Your Heart To Be As One. . . . . . . .

Much Like The Endlessly Breathing Sun.


qp|| There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel, And Oh!, What A Glorious Light It Can Be!. |||+|||

qp|| If You Can’t Find A Reason For Your Day, To See It Your Own Way. No Need To Push Or Pull Away. Get Up!, And Put It Into Purpose!. There’s A Whole World Waiting Outside Waiting For You To Explore!. Open Your Eye’s, Reset, Follow Directions, And Your Sadness Be Of No More!. Beyond Skies, Pure!. |+|

Not if you work for a living.

Hmm?. . .

I Wonder, If Perfection Is A Mistake, Are Those Who Create Pathes With Hopeful Effort Perfectionists?.

N e Hoo. . .

qp|| It’s Been Said, Eat Drink And Be Merry. I Would Add, In Moderation. Be Insightful. Wonder, Safely Wander, And Look Beyond The Horizon For Answers To The Great Unknown. And Prepare Yourself For Dreams That Cannot Vanish. No Matter How Foolish The Intentions Of Jealousy. Be Of Clarity & Reason. Be Yourself And When The Time Is Right, Voice. Nothing Can Take Away Those Things. |+||

If things aren’t done correctly at my job the customers are the ones who suffer. Not acceptable. People who can’t cut it get ejected and told to work elsewhere.

Hmm?. . .

Good Luck With Your Working Efforts Spent At Your Personal Workplace Scenario!.

Thank You For Your Contribution To The Thread!. :pensive:

Just a reminder that 95% of what you post isn’t relevant to real life.

Hmm?. . .

Are You Saying That My Efforts On Thus Forum Are Obsolete (???).

N e Hoo. . . (Part 2)

qp|| No Need To Let A Meaningless Pebble Become A Ripple In Your Pond Of Existence. |||+|||

In Futuristic Retrospect

qp|| Don’t Let Your Mindless Self Indulgence Be Mindless Self Indulgence, Instead, Listen To Mindless Self Indulgence. A Group That Plays Mindless Music Within Self Indulgence, Respectively. |||+||| :pensive:

<<<~+++~Being A Being Being Under The Sky Of Blue~+++~>>>

qp|| It Has Been Said, What Is The Meaning Of Life?. Simple Really, Be You, Be Kind, Be True!. |+|| :innocent:

qp|| We All Face Struggles And Battles Seemingly Overwhelmingly Upon Trials And Tribulations. Sometimes Within The Structure Of Brittle Sad Bones In Eerie Seas Of Helplessness. But!, These Terrible Times Can Be Challenged, Changed, And Defeated!. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled!. For Clarity And Purpose Can Shift Your Weary Perspectives Into Grace, Virtue And Hope Stones!. |||+|||

qp|| One’s Must Remember To Remind Themselves That Life Is Not A Race To The End For A Hidden Prize Like An Easter Egg Hunt Within The Twilight Zone. It May Take An Hour, A Day, Maybe Even A Week, To Completely Reset Their Gravitational Magnetic Pull Upon The Moon’s Embrace During The Dawn Of The Daylight Midnight Hours. But!, Success Can Be Achieved!. Believe In Your Dreary Wander. As A Living Hopeful Zombie Among The Endless Sea Of Happy, Hopeful, Honestly Amazing Dreams. No More Night Terrors. No More Torn Seams!. Giving Respect To The Lovingly Loving. |||+|||