Be the water

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I had some major disappointment in my life and was just feeling terrible when my friend brought me to a stream and told me to “be the water”. The water takes form of the road it is on. It flows, past the rocks and bumps in the ground. It will hit some rough patches but it will always come out with smoothness. It will take form of the rough patches and go with it rather than trying to fight it. And When I asked my friend “When do you reach the pond?” he said “I’ve traveled this river a good amount, but I haven’t quite traveled it as far as the pond.” Be the water.

A good metaphor there. It’s tough for us SZ but that’s a philosophy I feel we can take. Thanks -TTP


I love to take my little nieces to feed the ducks

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Your friend is…deep.

My pottery teacher told people who were forming the lip on a pitcher, “Pretend you are water.”

It’s the only time she said something that sounded a little flaky - but it worked. The finished pitcher poured well and didn’t drip.

water can flow or it can crash. be water my friend - Bruce Lee


It can crash + break + then be one again.

When I’m having a hard time, I have to get out into the water. Sitting on a surf board… long way off from shore… all the open space and no man made noise…

Or at the bottom of a calm swimming pool… just the quiet hum of pool filters and blue.

Just letting the water carry my head circus away from me. Letting it calm me down and buffer me.

I need the water to heal.


Everyone of us have a readily available “water tank” in our head?! And I am the plumber going to fix the “water piping” in the head so that you will have clear and sharp mind.

In short, I agree with TTT that let us be the water. Let the water fills our mind with positivity by flushing away the negativity.
Just kidding. Seriously, water is important for cleanliness and metabolism.

I’m not trained in Taoism, but here is a translation of a very old classic Chinese text about being like water:

I thought that might be relevant to the discussion.

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