Be prepared to die soon?

Yea I actually don’t have any evidence or logic for the law of attraction yet.

I need to look into that.

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Aw that’s cute
… Thankyou!!! :rofl:

You might be right idk

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The idea makes me sad, scared… But also joyful.

It’s like I switch between the three states: sad, scared, and joyful.

Why am I even thinking like this?

I have no clue.

I don’t really want to die soon though.

I feel like if I died tomorrow it would be a great big anticlimax. A real flash in the pan.

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From a cellular level your body’s cells are dying every so many months from apoptosis; programmed cell death. Under this paradigm life is just a really slow death. If you’ve ever slept you have tasted death; a life with no sensory stimuli; blacked out to the world.

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Sometimes I look forward to the end. I’m tired.

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i think i should take a different attitude which is:

be prepared to maybe die within the next year or such and there is no afterlife

but at the same time,

accept that maybe i will live an average lifespan such as 80 years old,

Since I do not really want to die any time within a year or such, but it is good to be prepared just in case it does happen.

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You can never be prepared to die unless a doctor says you have cancer or something

Personally I’d like death to be quick

After watching my uncle die of cancer, I wish that on no one


I dont want to be morbid or negative.

I want to die of natural causes as soon as possible - i wish something would happen to me. I won’t take my life as I tried before. Unless the medical community decides it will offer assisted death.

@Joker Yes, the system traps us to stay alive. No matter how much we are suffering.


If I get an incurable disease I will fight to be put down by my local vet


Wow. I understand.

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Sorry to hear that Kxev

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I think I’m going to stop talking on my thoughts of this thread theme.

I used to be afraid of that but not really anymore.

In my psychosis I’ve had too much ‘experiences’ to believe it all ends then.


In Belgium there’s no need for a vet. You can get euthanasia even for mental suffering.


Hopefully you have no need for that.


Are you in Belgium?


Yes I am. I live in a college town called Leuven 25 km to the east of Brussels.