Be prepared to die soon?

So if I decide to be prepared to die soon,

Does that mean that I am attracting death to me?

Because of the 'universal law of attraction? ’

It’s just that there’s a saying… Joy is immense acceptance. And I would think that being prepared for an early death is therefore good.

I do feel calm when I am prepared for and accept an early death.

I could get religious as there is a saying in the bible on this theme but I’m not going to say here as it is against the rules.


Are you doing okay. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

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Yes I am okay, thankyou Graybear.

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I’m getting to the age where I am wondering how much time I have left to accomplish what I want to accomplish before I die. I think that in the end it will be okay.

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Yeah, I really don’t think you are going to die anytime soon @LittleMissSlothy . You will be alive and well long after im gone.


I would say joy is immense acceptance of present moment phenomena.


you’re smarter than I thought. I don’t mean that in a bad way. ha.
it might okay to talk about heaven on here, don’t know.


That’s really nice…

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its called ‘getting older’ being prepared to die, its a level of maturity


I don’t think they like the heaven talk here.

And thanks, I have my rare moments

I’m not going to lie, it makes me sad too at times.
But I also feel some joy at the thought of acceptance

So strange…

thats pretty normal @LittleMissSlothy

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Oh okay good to know… Lmao

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Don’t think it is real… didn’t work for me, still alive. Maybe law of attraction only work for positive things. But I don’t really know anything about it, other than I know it requires effort as well to be positive.

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Yea… Good point.

Maybe the universal law of attraction only works for what is aligned with something… that I don’t know what that may be.

Perhaps love.

But what is love?

Okay maybe not love, since killers attract killing and they do.

decide what you want, then it is supposed to align. I decided to make music, and it did align for me. So there seems to be something about it. But it does require effort, it’s not falling into ones lap.

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Effort and focus.

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Maybe personal truth.

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I wouldn’t put too much stock into that type of thinking.

Opposites attract, like negative and positive on a magnet.

And since opposites attract and you’re prepared to die soon, then the opposite would be you’re gonna live a long time. Cheerio! :slightly_smiling_face:

It think the reality is no one knows when their time is up.

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