Be mentally ill in Russia, lose a driver's license


Yes, indeed. It was pretty common knowledge among those who knew anything about Russia that if you visited and brought western goods like Nike shoes, Levi jeans and stuff you could sell or give them to the people there, either USSR or Russia after 91…many there craved those things… I also heard a US $100 bill could go a long way there.


Do you guys live under a rock? I lost my security clearance and license for being mentally ill in the USA.


I had an episode and almost got a dui bc the cops in my state tried to say I was smoking marijuana… anyways one of the options of mediation before going to trial was that they were concerned about my driving and if I wanted I could just have a doctor say I was “ok” to drive. I was like wtf? And won right after declining their offer. The cops were ducking idiots and only did 2 duis prior to my situation. It’s just shitty I was in a psychosis at the time bc they didn’t know what was going on and had no training. It’s mostly a thing for the dmv to verify and the doctors to sign off on IF u agree to it instead of a dui or whatever. Idk it sounded stupid



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