Be mentally ill in Russia, lose a driver's license


Russia is prepared in accordance with the law, which “mentally ill” are without a license.

mentioned that the “ill” category includes transsexuals. The committee reported on the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC .

At the same bundle is placed in the fetishistic, and a voyeur. Also, pathological gamblers and obsessively varastelijoilta denied the right to drive in the future. Russian psychiatrists and human rights lawyers have condemned the law.

Professional Drivers’ Association, however, supports the law. In its view, the roads of Russia happens to too many fatal accidents. However, union leader Aleksander Kotov says that the restrictions have to be quite so strict as to other professionals.

Russia has in recent years developed a number of sexual minorities, discrimination and complicating their lives laws.


I am diagnosed with a mental illness and I thought it actually affected my decision in driving a little,for example,I was using a GPS to get home after playing Futsal,I actually can follow the GPS and get back quicker but I sort of think there is a way faster and I drove the other way…luckily the GPS still manage to get me home.Next time I will make a decision and just follow the GPS back home


It’s possible to lose a drivers license in the states as well. At least I heard it was possible. I accused my psychiatrist of trying to take it away and he said he doesn’t have the power to do that. I assume that’s in the power of an inpatient doctor who will report you to the registrar of motor vehicles and put you on a list, and you’ll have to get reviewed or something to prove you can still drive. I know someone who got their license taken away for a year apparently. But got it back.


I have a driver’s license but I do not have a car, I do not need it. I have glaucoma and once a doctor took my driver’s license away for one week, but after the second test with my eyeglasses I got it back. But this new legislation in Russia is funny, recently without knowing about this legislation I had a discussion with my psych nurse that they, the gov of Russia, probably would not let me to go to Russia due to my psz and as it turned out Russia is passing this legislation.Just wondering how many people will take a flight to Europe after this legislation has been passed. They should also pass a legislation in Russia that all alcoholics lose their driver’s license, well it would be the great number of people. Maybe they all would move to Europe too as these gamblers and transvestites may do. This is just one example of the current direction of Russia.


Hey we do not need to go to Russia ever, great, but why would I have ever gone there, no reason,

Transgender people may no longer be allowed to drive cars in Russia under new road safety regulations signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

A decree published on the government website earlier this month lists an array of health conditions that can disqualify someone from getting behind the wheel, among them “personality and behavioral disorders” listed in the World Health Organization’s classification of diseases.


This sounds like hardliner politics, again. What are the percentage of Russian people who believe this crap? And what percentage of all politicians? Very little I presume…especially the people…


I believe this is one of Putin’s efforts to control people which is increasing in Russia nowadays, I think that their direction is wrong, but they have chosen their way (Putin = way), I am glad I never need to go to Russia.


As I have followed this Putin and his power evolution since 1999 I have noticed that Putin can not stand ‘vittuilua’ in Finnish, it is the way of speaking to trigger some negative feelings in a human mind.


I’m supportive of Russia and the Russian people for the most part, but this sort of thing is more like Stalinist Soviet days, so of course cannot support it.

As for the mentally ill driving, probably 95% are fine, with only some extreme cases that shouldn’t be allowed to drive…like people who have hallucinations so bad or scattered thoughts that they would be dangerous driving…and in most western countries that would also apply.


In my society we have many Russians who have left Russia, I know few doctors and they are very good, but the current evolution in Russia is very negative, which is why some young Russians want to go to the West,


The article does say some doctors in Russia are against the new law. That is good as long as they don’t get in trouble for their stand…


Somehow I ‘saw’ this new legislation coming when I had a discussion with my psych nurse. I do not really follow these news much, but during the discussion I commented that I probably would not be allowed to go to Russia by the gov of Russia due to my psz. My psych nurse first said that it maybe because I had been so long in America and so on to which I responded that it was not that because many Russians educate their children in the western universities, I suppose Medvedev is one of these people, but somehow I understood how Russia treats schizophrenics and other people who are not ‘normal’, somehow I saw it in my mind and now they have the legislation against me and other schizophrenics and other people.


Do they check though? How do they know? Are your psych records available if you tried to get a passport or enter the border?
I am not sure if that would happen in US. Funny, I was in a school for people with psych problems and they went to the USSR…but that was also a long time ago


I’m not allowed to drive at the moment until the DVLA give me the go ahead. My GP said I’m ok to drive and so has my pdoc when I saw him yesterday. He just needs to write to the DVLA to tell them that. I do agree it is not safe to drive at times when ill and at those times the license should be taken away.


Not sure if the people there "elected " Putin!
Life is hard for the people there. My sister was there for a short period and did not like the place at all. Alot of my family came here from the Ukraine generations ago to escape persecution.


The rabid homo/trans phobia of Putin might point to some latent tendencies . He should be ‘proud to be gay’.


I’m an excellent driver. I’ve never been in an accident nor got a citation or ticket. I’m more careful than most drivers, but I’m also alert.


I have not done any research on this, but I believe that alcoholists in Russia cause much more accidents than these people whom are targeted by this new driver’s license law. People in Russia like to drink vodka which is why Putin set the limit for any price increases of vodka recently. They should pass a law against alcoholists and then all autos will be transfered to the state as it was during ‘the old good days’ in the USSR :smile: . I have a funny memory from 1989 when I studied Russian in Leningrad and being as I was I openly made a comment that people can own their automobiles to which one Estonian said that the state owns all automobiles. Later this Estonian told us to tell people in the West how poorly their things were in the USSR.


Life is hard for SOME people there…just like anywhere. Of course there are different things to deal with in different countries, some good and some not so good…

Funny I read this yesterday…it makes you wonder on many levels. I do not doubt Snowden has it good there, then of course he is considered a hero there too, so the political aspect probably contributes to him having it good…

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden wants his critics to know that living is Russia is “great” and that, despite reports to the contrary, he doesn’t need alcohol to enjoy his time there.

“Mike Hayden, former NSA, CIA director … was talking about how I was—everybody in Russia is miserable,” Snowden told journalist James Bamford, according to a transcript of an interview released Thursday. “And I’m going to end up miserable and I’m going to be a drunk and I’m never going to do anything. I don’t drink. I’ve never been drunk in my life. And they talk about Russia like it’s the worst place on earth. Russia’s great.”

that said, I think the OP news article that mentions too many road accidents in Russia is probably not due to mentally ill people, but rather to this as Mjseu posted…

Russia has one of the world’s highest rates of traffic accidents – about 30,000 people die annually on the roads, some due to alcohol consumption by motorists. (In comparison, that many people died on Britain’s roads between 2000 and 2010, according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.)

Shamsail Saraliyev, an MP from the ruling United Russia Party, compared drunk driving to terrorism.

"Last year, drunk drivers killed 2,103 people,” Saraliyev told Russian media. “This is a colossal number. This year, as of September, tragedies on the roads have [already] killed 2,300 people.”

And it does say they are passing tough laws about driving intoxicated there…

A horrific drunk-driving accident in Moscow has prompted Russian politicians to seek to impose tougher sentences on those who get behind the wheel of a car inebriated.

Some MPs are seeking life imprisonment for drunk drivers


Snowden is a foreigner in Russia and I am sure that his things are great, but as it has been in news lately ordinary Russians are struggling when the ruble has fallen and their dollar-tied mortgages have doubled. But so it was also during the old days in the USSR. During those times people had to just take western goods such as jeans there to live very well in the USSR. I have some very personal knowledge of this. Every member of my family did that and I recall when I went to Moscow in March 1987 I had two big suitcases full of western goods, the customs officer just asked whose these suitcases were and I said these were mine, but my sister who studied in Moscow at the time took these and probably sold to the Soviets.