Be kind to doctors they’re human


Can psychiatrist write themselves their own prescriptions?

You would think psychiatrist would know what meds they need like antidepressants or meds for anxiety

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Perfectionists are hard on themselves

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This is disturbing for surgeons but I would think it’s not good for patients either. I mean, do you really want a surgeon struggling with their own mental health who may have a death wish operating on you?


I didn’t read the entire article,


If you can afford to go to medical school and are a physician,

You can afford to switch careers.

You also knew EXACTLY what you were getting into far in advance of actually stepping into it.


I feel people that have the fliff to become a surgeon,

Can probably maybe afford to take a couple weeks off,

Retire early,

Or altogether get a different career.

I feel like it’s a hateful statement, but it’s difficult to feel bad for someone’s situation when they have all the possible resources they need to help themselves.

They’re not working in the coal mines making pennies a day,

They’re DOCTORS.


I know I couldn’t do that if you mess up and end up causing the person permanent problems I’d never be able to live with myself that’s just me and probably a lot of other people

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There was a case here where a doctor terminated herself, even with husband and kid. I get it though, it’s a stressful occupation with a lot of responsibility. If you make a mistake or if you are not up to it people could die. Maybe they struggle with guilt because it’s hard to keep up with all the patients and the workload. Healthservices are always behind on schedule and understaffed it seems.

I agree with @Charles_Foster. These aren’t kids in cobalt mines who are exploited. They have a choice.

Still, I think it is good she speaks out.

I’ve seen so many psychiatrists and other docs who had severe issues that they masked. And that not only they, but also their patients suffered from. Because they had seared their human emotions. I didn’t read the full story, but I admire her for opening up. In a culture like that. It does need to change.

It’s a huge burden and under-resourced being a doctor. And they have their own life and problems.

They work for a corporation overworking them.

I disagree, doctors don’t know what its like to work for a hospital that cuts corners on their patients.

Or won’t approve critical treatment for their patients.

I was in the hospital with a doctor in training once

It’s not exactly easy by ANY means to switch careers when you just invested over 12 years of your life studying for your field and are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from school loans.


Is it better than being dead?

The easy thing is rarely the right thing.

I realize it’s a lot of money,

My best friend is a doctor and up to her eyeballs in debt.


Even looking at all that or being dead,

I’d go ahead and get another job.

What they’re not saying in the article is the reason they don’t switch is because they can’t keep up the lifestyle they have as a doctor doing anything else.

Mo money, mo problems.


And people like to ask questions when someone goes from doctor to receptionist.

It’s embarrassing.

On top of all that the “I have so much invested in this” excuse is one of the most overused and terrible excuses in the world.

A favorite of people in unhappy situations.

From battered wife to apparently surgeon.

It’s like saying “I’ve been miserable this long, why not just do it forever?”

That is nonsense.

I stand by my original statement.

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Being a doctor doesn’t stop them from being human and have suicidal ideation or mental illness themselves.

I’ll say there are doctors with narcissism that drive me )&@&$)


I think you get socially trapped in a way, if you invested a whole lot of years to become a doctor and you don’t have a “legitimate” reason to quit. It can be so hard that suicide becomes the only way out. Ofcourse it isn’t, but that’s how hard it is to walk away from certain professions.

Ofcourse doctors have the concience thing too. “What about all my patients if I quit”. A GP for example maybe has 1000 patients assigned to them.


I’m not sure about psychiatrists but doctors like general practitioners do. I think it’s a problem actually. Doctors prescribing themselves addictive substances and so on

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This is true. I had my nursing license suspended back in 1993 because of suicidal ideation.

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