Be honest about it

Dont you see alot of people in society that seem to need APs way more than you? I know I do.

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I can’t go without my AP… But yea I see people out there who really look like they should be on AP’s… But I’m not a psychiatrist to diagnose them so it’s only from my frame of reference that they look like they need the stuff.

I think sociopathy is the norm around town and family, the more I think of it. Why I let them call me crazy? A bunch of sociopaths gonna judge me? Enough of it.

Well, im not giving anyone an “official” dx, nor to i intend to put anyone in a psych ward. But, were free to think based on our knowledge of dx. I believe we should be free to think, but some will disagree.

Come to think of it, sociopathy is rarely dx, so if im more like them than im scot free from APs ever again. Yeah, things are changing now.

Every time I drive past a full church parking lot.

Yeah, i feel that sometimes too even as a member. Guess im too wishy washy.

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