Be careful when you trust a woman but never trust a man

Sorry guys, I’m having one of my days.

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I’m a no thanks about that, Wave. That picture is a dream.

Yeah I dont blame you, I have serious trust issues myself @chordy

And ultimately you can’t even trust yourself either.


It took me a while, but I finally lost trust in everyone. You’re right pansdisease…can’t even trust myself.

you can trust teddy bears…
take care


I do trust my love of my life - my handsome dog :heart_decoration: :dog:


When you reach old, men are best when its only FWB, you have no dependence upon him financially or any other way except maybe he is good keyholder to your place & your stuff/pets are okay …You can make your own living and do not live together nor talk to his messed up family, take the birth control on time…Then, things are good…The previous baggage makes them impulsive & stupid too much…takes a long time to find a ‘friend’ with the males, passive aggressive, suspicious, cranky and demanding is easy to find…

Any women discussing anyone else really insultingly is doing so behind your back…watch out. With the schizo, things always worked best for everyone if I never discussed any friend’s business or gossiped as some friends got gang stalked & harassed about it when I was talking to the wrong people…Talk about your own life and keep a lot private at the office except small talk about nothing that mattered…pets or hobby.

Trust is not “one size fits all”. You should only trust as much as your willing to lose, and make people earn it.
Trusting doesn’t always end in failure.

I would trust my kitty cat with my life, but not with my chicken dinner.

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You can only trust as much as you are willing to lose? Does that mean if I go to a doctor, I am willing to lose my life? hmmmmmmm…

X Files

Actually all you need is one close person to trust…and either gender will do…also either gender can be untrustworthy.

Willing? I would hope not, because that isn’t the purpose of the visit.
Doctors do make mistakes, it’s not that uncommon, people have to be as vigilant as possible to avoid allowing a doctor to make a fatal mistake.

My doctor may be educated, but my common sense has prevented me from being more harmed than helped.