Be careful, I'm numb

The way I kick myself around. Really I can do better.

You can take a beating?

No, thank you. The original beater died.

I think you talk in riddles.

A lot of us do that. I’m sorry things are that way for you.

Yes, I was just thinking you didn’t understand what I meant. I meant I can learn to treat myself better than I’ve been treated in the past both by others and by myself.

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Treat yourself like an emperor I say.

Princes had a whipping boy.

That is so funny.
Patient:: doc when I do this all the time it hurts so bad.
Doc: what about don’t do this anymore.

Something like “Even pain is better than being numb.”

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Obsession or/and numbness. Maybe we have the wrong goals. Only half a planet earth left.

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