Be brave: what type of things do any of you see or hear?

I hear a male voice, whom I call “blue,” because I see him as a blue little person. He speaks profuse negativity most of the times. I also see bright flashes of lights all different colors at sporadic times. I hear voices in radios and the humming of all electronics. I also have theologically themed dark shapes appear at my worst moments of panic. I could go on and on. So, I’ll stop here.

i still experience visual hallucinations of walls moving and breathing and stuff but don’t hear any thing on the meds.

I had an intense visual episode earlier today in the bathroom staring at the corner of the room.

What does bravery have to do with it?
I see a black tuxedo kitten in my face wanting to be petted, a imac, my wireless mouse, keyboard, I hear a car driving down the street and birds singing outside, my fingers typing on the keyboard…
oh, you mean,
Shhhhhh (the things no one else can see or hear?)


you mean the long pointy chinned alien with the sideways mouth hanging on my shower curtain, that said to me:
“You’ve been a wafer too long.”

Ding Ding!

(read it phonetically with your eyes closed)

True story, and I won’t edit it no matter how much you don’t laugh.


See and hear much.

Everyone already knows what it is. It’s all up in the movies even. Thats what it is.

Emily rose walking around terrified, that was me, same ■■■■, i did that stupid arse ■■■■. Dude from paranormal activity, thats who i get to ■■■■■■■ hang out with.

The “psychosis” at the end of the movie the craft, thats me, thats what i be going through. Had that dream ■■■■ to in that movie, or the dream ■■■■ from the golden child, same diff, who gives a ■■■■ i guess.

The two or three dead murderers in the goddamn movie about static. The michael keaton film with the shitty shadow people dead murderers you know. Thats me muh fuqas, it sucks. Thats one of me symptoms there at the end where he is thrown off the thing, the shadows flying about messing with him, thats one of my symptoms.

They really wants a suicide, they loves them some suicide i suppose. If they didn’t want a suicide id already be dead. Even sat on their pyramid in the middle of nowheres with them controlling my thoughts telling me to off myself on it.

There is a crab in my shoe mouth.

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i see;
aliens operating on me
demons… :imp:
people swimming across the lounge room (new)
crocodiles (rare)
snakes (new)

i hear;
demons (rare now)
take care :alien:

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