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Be a cashier


Cheating them out of their money.


Why would u do that…??? Was it for fun…???


No, accidental.


U seem innocent woman to me…u are kind aswell…


Thank you, @far_cry0.


I have moderate social anxiety. I can’t bag groceries. I am slow. I might be able to do it at fast food where you don’t have to bag anything. I laugh all the time. I don’t give eye contact. I don’t see this as easy job for me. If you don’t have social and intellectual problems this job might not be that hard.


@Jonathan79 are you from Israel?


I am from USA 1515151515


Cashiering didn’t work for me. I got fired after 3 weeks for negligent behavior. I’d rather work at a desk.


I have difficulties with people or being around most as someone else goes in my body then etc

Once I worked at a cafe and stood my the cash register and the customer was telling me how much change they should have .
I cried in bathroom.

Another take away shop all customers told me what to do and I was fired because I could not function.

I do not think I could do it and I worry about triggering psychosis by working when I feel I am not well enough.

I rather volunteer work at a doable place.


I thought about it, but afraid stupid stalkers would bother me.