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Be a cashier


If you are looking for the perfect job as a sz try being a cashier. It is the same repetitive action over and over again. Overall, there is not much thinking to it. At the same time, it can be fun to see how fast you can go. That is the part time job that worked for me for a year.


Do you mean a cashier in a shop


I used to work at Dollar Tree cashiering. It’s worth a shot trying it if you are looking for a job. The managers aren’t always hounding you and they are always hiring.


It’s a bit far for me to go but yes it sounds doable


I used to do night shifts by myself at a petrol stations, for someone like me… it was the perfect job, especially getting to work by myself


I used to work at a kiosk, evening shifts. The hours fit me, and I could eat as many hotdogs as I wanted to. I also liked being able to work by myself and minimize human contact to over-the-counter chitchat.
I really miss that place, but unfortunately they’re closed down now.


When I worked night shifts I would lock the door and go to sleep. ooops…


I got a temp job once at a caravan sales park
All I did was input data into a computer easy


What do you mean by a kiosk?


I don’t know the english word… It was a small shop that sold magazines and hotdogs and snacks, and such


Free hotdogs!!! What a perk!!!


I know, right? :smile:
I got sooo fat, but I didn’t care. They were really good. And whatever hotdogs we’d warmed but hadn’t sold, at the end of the day, I got to take home


Pahaha, wish I could of done that! It was always so busy!

One time this random dude ripped out a handful of flowers out of the ground and gave them to me through the hatch :joy:


Awww I think he liked you. haha


i worked as a cashier at a walmart when i first got sick and i didn’t do bad but i was so nervous that i messed up sometimes.


Good idea but some people cannot count change. It can be stressful. I used to be able to do it in my head. I’m not sure anymore. What about gardening?


I used to cashier at a restaurant when I was in high school and I really enjoyed it.


I use to work at a gas station…I dunno if I can do that again though. I use to count in my head also…and if your short at the end of your shift too many times you could get fired or the manager starts questioning things. it seems kinda risky for me. sometimes you have to be quick also cause it gets busy…


I used to be a cashier in a tiny neighborhood grocery in downtown Miami, when I was 18 years old. Right on Biscayne Blvd. Then, the manager started hitting on me, so, I quit. That was a constant problem I had. The boss’s hitting on me. I remember that I was always unintentionally shortchanging my customers.


What does it means…