BBQ'ing neighbors & Fire Phobia

My neighbors love to BBQ. They do it every weekend, sometimes during the week. The air in the apartment complex starts to reek of smoke and meat. They’re BBQ’ing right now, I can smell it from my living room.
I have this really intense phobia of being in a fire.
I have often walked outside just to make sure that what I smelled was in fact a controlled BBQ and not like the roof of someone’s apartment combusting into flames. I once got very anxious when I saw a little boy tending to the BBQ because he was too young and had no supervision and I was like omg the entire fate of the apartment complex rides on the able hands of this 9 year old, little boy. I spent like an hour or two inside, sniffing the smokey air and trying to calm myself down.

I have severe death anxiety. I get really nervous that I’m going to die, so I have to be super alert at all times.
Anyways, there are some fire extinguishers around the complex, but I wouldn’t know how to get them open so I have been flirting with the idea of getting my own, personal fire extinguisher. This would mean I’d have to surveil the BBQ’s though, and I’d rather they just had their BBQ’s elsewhere, like down the street at the community center, where there aren’t flammable things around.
Also, it hurts my feelings that I’m never invited to anyone’s bbq, because although it instills deep paranoia and fear, it also smells good. ahhhh the smell of ribs! If only the smell of ribs was not associated with eminent death to me…lol
ok i’m done venting, thanks!

You need to be trained in C02 fire extinguishers. Otherwise you’ll end up getting them stuck to your hand ( as the nossle freezes.) There’s a small bit of know-how about them. But that’s just the C02 variety.

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first, BBQ’s are looked after quite carefully and use mainly charcoal or gas for fuel…both very safe…please don’t be afraid of the BBQ’s…sad.


Uh oh. Would this be a bad time to mention that I own 3 different smokers?


I’m impressed especially…my sister’s fiancee always cooks for the family on the smoker…never a disappointment.

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Please, please, don’t barbecue any more neighbors @HQuinn It might feel good now but in the long run its not a good idea and you will regret it. Next time, try talking it out first. Besides its a waste of good barbecue sauce and the bones get caught in your teeth.

Ha! I beat you to it again @flameoftherhine! 77nick77 strikes again, right @Azley?


dammit …@77nick77 is always one step ahead…


@HQuinn im sorry your afraid of fire… im afraid of deep water… if I can see the bottom im ok or if im in a boat im ok… but being stuck in the open ocean with nothing seems terrible… atleast fire is honest play with it and it will burn… water is tricky… you can drink it and swim in it…but don’t try to breath it… that’s how it gets you…


Omg your comment made me walk around holding my phone giggling

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I aim to please.

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Ahaha! When I read the title of this thread, I thought to myself, Nick will not be able to resist. :smile:


Really, lol???

So you’re saying he always “arrives in the Nick of time”???


I thought the same… when I got the notification that you @'d me I guessed what joke you wrote lol…

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Does it help for you not to be present when your neighbor is bar b queing? Maybe you could go to the library or something.

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Try telling that to my psychiatrist. I think he thinks I’m an idiot.