BBQ Purchase Advice


I got some money for Christmas and I was thinking of using it to buy a small BBQ.

Mum and Dad have a Weber Baby Q and I love what it does. But it’s expensive and you have to buy a roasting rack separately as an accessory.

Aldi are starting a sale this week on an imitation Weber Baby Q which comes with a roasting accessory and it’s about fifty dollars cheaper that the unit alone from David Jones where the Baby Q is on sale at the moment.

Would you buy the genuine product? Or would you got for the cheaper imitation brand?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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You can’t beat a Weber, it lasts for years but if you don’t mind upgrading later sure go for it. You can’t beat a good BBQ.

Cheaper, unless your primary goal is to impress the entire neighborhood with how much money you have.

I’d get the good brand. Bbq’s can be dangerous. Don’t want to mess with safety.


I’d just get the cheaper one and pretend it’s like getting generic Abilify at the pharmacy: Same thing but better for the wallet.

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I’ve had bad experiences with things I’ve bought from Aldi before.

@Sooner88 it’s not about impressing anyone. The only thing in my house, including my clothes (bar underwear), that I’ve bought new is the washing machine. It might be nice to have a nice thing.


The cheap ones from Walmart fall apart after a couple of years. If you want quality, buy a Weber. If you don’t mind replacing later, a cheapie will do.


I’m not an authority on such things, but you can invite me over for dinner any time you want.


I think you should get the Weber, especially since it’s so rare that you treat yourself to a new appliance. Plus it’ll probably be safer and cheaper in the long run since it will likely last longer.

You must, of course, post a photo of the new Weber and the first bbq meal you make with it.:wink:


Have you heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Cheaper is often not the way to go.

I learned this from buying a $10.00 Walkman that stopped working after a week. And two or three cheap DVD players that worked for a couple of months then stopped working.

Might depend on how often you intend to use it. If you are planning to use it regularly, then maybe look for sales of the better brand. If it is going to be a sometime thing, the bargain from Aldi’s might work for you. Just take good care of it to make your investment last, whatever you choose.

I have a good sized Kenmore bbq grill. Got it 2 years ago and like it. Difference is its all stainless steel whereas the Weber is cast iron i think. So you have to season it.

Go with Weber. Saving $50 won’t mean much if it breaks after a few weeks. I used to work in a store that sold BBQs, and we would constantly get people complaining about the cheaper ones breaking right after the warranty ended. If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on something anyways, spend the extra $50 to make sure it’s high quality.

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