Battling negative symptoms, how to

Should I be social and active in my life?

I am really anxious about my life.

I tend to fold inwards and isolate.

I always am constantly battling with negative symptoms or anxiety to get myself going in the direction of my values.

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You have to ask yourself what’s stopping you from being active and social??

Is it anxiety or negs?



, that’s

When you don’t feel like doing The Thing is when you must do The Thing.

That’s the rule I operate by.

I’m not listening to Kenny G’s greatest hits, and you can’t make me.

That’s not The Thing. Nice try.

You have been told.

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I did a 15 minute walk and 15 minutes of weights today. Froze my ass off outside. It’s been snowing here…

so i got my 30 minute requirement in.

Edt: Supposedly , if you get 20 to 30 minutes of exercise in, it helps you burn blood sugar for 36 hours or so.

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