Batman just checking in

I’m bored drinking coffee and watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I don’t know what else to do right now. I guess I could do some reading but I don’t really feel like it right now.

My symptoms have been under control for a long time now. The main thing I’ve been struggling with since 2013 has been chronic post traumatic stress. I’ve had some really bad things said and done to me in the past. I’ve forgiven everyone but one thing still haunts me. Hoping to get over that soon and move on because it’s not good for my mental health to keep dwelling on it every day.

I have CBT group at 1 today. I don’t think I need it but I have to do stuff to stay in Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) so I go to groups twice a week and get two calls a week. I don’t really struggle with negative thoughts. All I need is meds. Hopefully one day I can graduate from ACT and just see my doctor and a psychiatrist to keep getting my meds.

Overall it’s been a good year except for the chronic post traumatic stress that I have been having every day. No other complaints. Life is pretty good now. Glad I’m not getting hospitalized every year anymore. That stopped in 2019.


My goal for the rest of my life now is to always get a full eight hours of sleep every night from now on. I can’t function if I don’t get enough sleep.


I use to love The Fresh Prince, especially Carlton. I did the Carlton dance at a party when I had had to much to drink and everyone laughed.

Sleep is important. I’m an insomniac thanks to olanzapine withdrawal. Haven’t slept since I went off it. On some pills to sleep now. Insomnia is the worse!

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I don’t sleep but about 6 hours. I think if I got 8 hours I would feel a little better. I’m hoping my new bed that comes on the 19th will change things for me. I used to sleep a lot. I would rather sleep too little than too much. Those days of staying in bed all day were dark days indeed. Years I did that. Gained a bunch of weight I still haven’t lost and tried to kill myself a bunch. Really affected my family negatively. But that’s in the past. I too use too suffer a lot from post traumatic stress and I feel for you. It’s hard to suffer that way, over and over. It’s hard to let go. I wish you healing.


Thanks @Leaf. I’m a lot better than I used to be. Now I just try to be grateful that I’m still alive and have a good life and am not getting bullied anymore. I got bullied all through school but I’m never going back to school again so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.


Regular sleep has been a godsend for me, it has really improved my mental health.


people can be so evil

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The crooner Tom Jones started that crazy dance…


Carlton from The Fresh Prince then did his version of it…


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How are the small shites going?

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I’m not clogging toilets anymore.

Is the CBT helping your PTSD? I have heard it sometimes helps. I have PTSD also. It really messes with you.

I try to use CBT to combat my post traumatic stress. It helps when I do it but I don’t always do it.

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Well, at least you have hope of improving since something can help you some of the time. Since you respond positively to CBT, you have a good chance that you can treat it and get well. Other methods might help too.

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