Bathing and showering

having read a few comments on neglecting to bathe often i thought i would share my personal solution.
having been through it myself for various reasons due to abuse i wanted desperately to find a solution to my bathing problem, so i did :smile:

when i feel dirty i use wet wipes for babies. you can get perfumed or unperfumed, dirt (forgive the pun) cheap ones or middle of the road ones…personally i like the perfumed ones from huggies but usually buy tesco’s own brand. i wash my hair over the bath the strip a little at a time…sometimes i do it over the course of a couple of hours or even days but i will strip down in the bathroom and get the baby wipes out and scrubb my body. for the genital areas they do wipes for that too :slight_smile: so the only effort bit is washing your hair. it’s actually quite nice to sit on the toilet or your bed and gently wipe away the grime…for ladies, it makes your skin wet so you can also shave (if you don’t wax) your legs, bits and pits. i take a glass filled with water in with me to rinse the razor :smile: for me baby wipes are a god send, they are hypo-allergenic, smell nice and have cleansers built in…so from when i discovered them till now, my body is now clean and prickle free most of the time…like i said the only effort is washing my hair every other day

try it and let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

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I had a colleague who used to go for joggs during lunch break for 30 minutes. She used to sweat but she cleaned herself with wet wipes and used dry shampoo. You don’t really have to wash your hair lol, try dry shampoo, they work! Anyway, I wash my hands 50 times a day and shower daily but I push myself especially now I’m always pushing myself to do stuff. Let’s see when the motivation will come back but I did go through a phase of not showering for three days straight when I was sick. :disappointed:

@jaynebeal Doesn’t it work out expensive? I’m guessing you have to use a lot of them to do an overall “wash”.

Switching to a shower gel and loafa worked for me. Makes the whole experience a bit more fun, easier and somewhat of a better experience to look forward to.

I would just wet a towel and wipe my body.
It’s even nicer if you microwave it to make it warm.
Just use wet wipes for genital areas.

I worry about getting a urinary tract infection.

I do baths.

Every morning.

I’ll think about your suggestion though.

no firemonkey, not at all. tesco’s baby wipes are about 70p for a pack of about 70 wipes. i use one each for each arm and legs and one for body (stomach and back), one for my face and neck and one for genitalia. so that’s 7 in total. so that’s 10 washes for 70p. if you do it every other day, one pack should last you 20 days so just under three weeks. three weeks washing for 70p is pretty cheap…so you save on water too as all you’re using it for is to brush your teeth and wash your hair. personally i don’t like dry shampoo so i have to wash my hair but it takes all of 5 minutes over the bath with the shower head or over the sink with a plastic jug (jug also from tesco for 65p) :slight_smile:


Showering isn’t the problem for me. Remembering to, is. I think the sarcosine is helping a bit in that department although I still need to program reminders into my calendar so I get prompted on my phone, tablets, etc.


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I used to have such difficulty showering but now I am able to do it every day. The majority of the time without struggle. I know now that it was all illness related and not anything else. I suffered most of my life therefore hygiene was a serious problem. Now I am doing much better and I no longer have this problem. It is a relief for me and it just keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:

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I have to be reminded to shower.

Had my first bath for over 6 months( I normally strip wash). Feel quite refreshed.


way to go firemonkey!!! xxx

When I was off meds, the running water in the shower would make tons of voices to me. Now I still hate it in there, even though the voices are less. I think I’m traumatized.

i think you’re right. i don’t think psychiatrists pay any heed to the trauma voices can inflict at all, or psychosis or delusional thinking, once the penny drops that it is a delusion. i think all sz and/or bipolar or simply delusional people should at some point be treated for post traumatic stress and grief counselling for losing the life you once had. if you lost both legs you;d be given counselling but it seems when it’s your sense of self, your very identity within reality it’s somehow brushed aside…now that’s crazy!