Basically I lived a lie then

So they are now saying I don’t present a classic case of schiz so it’s either sza or just bipolar. Either way I can’t believe I let my life come to a standstill. I just didn’t do the things I wanted to and didn’t let people in for fear of rejection. I Feel so pathetic having listened to the docs.

Don’t worry about labels just focus on getting well again


Its funny reading on here how how many of our dx are changing from sz to sz or bipolar. The three are pretty interchangeable and you can easily move between the dx over time. When I got my sza dx my world came to a standstill for a few months, then with meds I started moving again. Take it one day at a time. Look forward.

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hm… this is why I don’t like pdocs… They can’t make up their minds…

You can’t without a proper diagnosis. They offered me sodium valproate but I didn’t take it because they can’t decide on a diagnosis.

Labels especially in reference to psychotic symptoms are bound to be overhauled and diversified as time goes on. I wish we lived in the age of star trek medicine. I was born to early, here’s to hoping we get a chance to live again. Maybe if I last into the future I’ll get to see some fantastic revisions to this whole schizophrenic diagnosis.

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A diagnosis is for filing cabinets and insurance claims. It’s best to concentrate on symptoms. A person could have any of a dozen different diagnoses yet be treated with the same medication based on their symptoms.

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What insurance? NHS does not require insurance.

It was a general statement. Even people outside your NHS can have a diagnosis.

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You can change the title of a book. You can change the artwork on the cover of a book. Neither of these acts changes the story between the covers. People always remember a compelling story, so that’s the bit to worry about, not the cover others try to bind you in.


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Like Malvok says, treatment options are very similar and the label itself can change based on new information. For example, if you’re experiencing hallucinations, does it matter whether the file reads SZ or schizo-affective? If you’re finding it hard to function under the diagnosis of SZ, do you think you’ll somehow be able to function well once that label is changed?

10 years ago, when I went to a psychiatrist because I thought I had ADD, I was told I didn’t. My life was made no easier just because I was told I didn’t have it - quite the opposite. I still struggled with the symptoms.

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