Basic lack of confidence

I just watched a play online. I saw such strong and confident, and socially adept actors and actresses. I am beginning to think maybe there is such a thing as a strong ego, and perhaps I have very little ego. I will need to figure out what I mean by “ego.”

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Being an actor is crazy tough.
You really shouldn’t orient yourself on actors.
It is a special profession that requires sublime skills, and you shouldn’t compare yourself with such people. Instead you should compare yourself to the average Joe on the street.


Yeah they’re ego is just smaller, pretty cool, when it’s in real life though

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Ditch the ego and build your confidence. Ego+confidence=arrogance.

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Thank you to the three of you. Your answers are all very wise.

I wouldn’t compare myself to actors, at least not when they are in a role. They are acting out a part which usually involves them beeing a strong hero or lead figure, or a strong villain.

However you will also see in some movies that actors are required to act vulnerable, diminished, or weighed down by issues. This is maybe more true to real life for the most of us.

I don’t have any confidence because I don’t deserve any. You, however, do.

I am sorry, I don’t know you very well, but I honestly think you should not think of yourself that way. It will only lead to greater personal problems. Every single human, no matter what, deserves to feel good and have respect.

Thanks to @Chess24 and @firemonkey for pointing out the fact that actors are playing roles and appear to be stronger than they really are. I should keep this in mind. I don’t think I would have any capabilities on stage.

I’m sorry you’re going through that. I utterly lack self confidence so I get where you’re coming from. The only things I’ve ever been good at were piano and college. If you find ways to feel more confident, please share them with us.

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They totally ditch their own emotions to really embrace their character.

I took acting classes when I was in a production school.
U can’t think about anything other than your lines and where u gotta go to move in the scene or else the whole performance gets thrown outta wack.

They look confident cuz they’re experienced to not think about anything other than what’s in front of them.

It’s a skill that could be helpful in the outside world but ppl will question ur authenticity the cooler u r I’m guessing lol

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