Baseball is awesome

I didn’t get to go to a baseball game with my parents back in june since my dad was off his meds and refused to go. but I still love baseball. i’m watching it now but neither is a team I like i’m just watching for the sake of watching. its cubs against athletics. its interesting watching a game and rooting for neither team. I don’t know what I like baseball so much I think its because its not as violent as football. the only sport if you can call it a sport my parents ever watched was professional wrestling like with hulk Hogan and superfly snuka


Baseball dork…I’ve been to one pro game its fun live…@velociraptor tell @bunny how awesome archery is…you know you want to…its Canada’s queens favorite sport…


Baseball… For guys who like playing with little balls.



Hey, you’re watching my Oakland Athletics!! Cool.
Back in the eighties, they were great. They had Mark McGuire and Jose Canceco and both of them were setting records for hitting home runs. Their nickname was “The Bash Brothers”. Unfortunately their records and their reputations were tarnished forever when they both admitted to using steroids.

But back in the eighties a LOT of baseball players were using steroids. In fact many of the top names were using them. The players in those days were some of the physically biggest players ever due to taking steroids. Players in that era were hitting more home runs than almost anytime in baseballs history.

All because of steroids.

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