Baseball games

I used to go to Oakland A’s and San Fransisco Giants games
I saw a guy named Mark Fidryich play against the Giants. He pitched for the Detroit Tigers. I think in his rookie year he won 19 games which is actually outstanding for a rookie and he was very well-known and popular and famous. But he was known for his eccentricities.

One thing he did was funny. Each inning, when his team took the field he was always the first one out of the dugout and he always ran full speed out to the pitchers mound. Another thing he did was he would talk to the ball. On the evening news they would show close-ups of him pitching and he held the ball near his mouth and told it how fast he wanted it to go and exactly where he wanted it to go. It was hilarious. He did these things when I saw him play.
The beginning of his career was great but sadly enough his career ended after 3 seasons when he injured his pitching arm and he had to quit.
Last I heard a couple of years later was that he was digging swimming pools. Sad story

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19 wins is outstanding for any year player

Hockey goalies are famous for this kind of thing too. Watch old Patrick Roy footage and he kept up a spirited, twitchy conversation with his posts, stick and glove. One of the oldtimers, Sawchuck maybe? used to insist he sleep in a different hotel from the rest of the team, because he had nightmares and he was afraid they would escape his brain and attack his teammates.

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I looked it up on Wikipedia. He actually won 8 but her finished with a career record of 19-9. You’re right, 19 wins in one season is outstanding for anybody.