Barely anyone knows I was in a sorority

in college.

it was good and bad.

I sang a solo at our Follies to sold out Hancher auditorium.

Martha Reeves. Dancing in the Streets.
it went full circle when I got see her in concert
here in the Quad Cities, years later.

anyway, I was only in the sorority 2 years.
I remember some of when I got pinned,
and they revealed all the secrets.

it was absolutely beautiful experience.


Thread for daze sorority stories hahaha

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haha, yeah. and when we were rehearsing for that song I sang,
the guy said, Just sing it your way.
well, we didn’t have American Idol yet.
I was only 19.

I joined 2 different fraternities at 2 different colleges.
I was depressed and lonely at the time so I joined.

Kind of was a big mistake.

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I didn’t dare ask my Dad for sorority money. Or, maybe that was just an excuse because I was afraid I’d be black balled.


that’s why I got out of it, Chordy. my parents sent me scathing letters that I should take out a loan to pay for this. ha.
I ended up telling my step mom, your mother isn’t paying for my college, she’s paying your electric bill. ha.
plus I couldn’t get a loan, they made too much money.

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