Barbeque tales: what it entails

So my employer had a barbeque for us at work today. With my supervisors and co-workers and us. I’ll admit a lot of it sucked but there were some interesting “moments”.

First of all, we’re all disabled, no big deal. My co-worker kept giving me the evil eye today, I don’t know WTF his problem was today. I don’t hate him or anything but it made me mad.
But you learn something about yourself and then forget about it.

And today something came up that I admit I relished. The guy was staring at me. Fine but then he started doing it so much that it he made himself look weird and awkward. And that made me happy. On one level I always think i’m the lowest person in most situations and I think everybody else is cool and self composed. But this guy overdid it big-time and he just made himself look bad.

Everytime he stared at me I stared back. Then (and remember this is at our job with our bosses watching. Then he just got up and was walking around and I thought to myself, "Man here’s someone who I thought was fairly normal but he’s acting so weird that it kind of made me look like the normal one! Good. Screw him.

And then the barbeque was outdoors and everybody was sitting at tables and I was kind of standing on the edge of the group until I bit the bullet and joined everybody.

And I felt a little like I was odd man out but I did my best and offered great insights on how the universe works and stunned everybody with my intellect.

Uh will the court reporter please strike that last line, it was a lie.

But I did say some funny stuff and I did OK. But then I noticed a few people felt exactly like I did and they got up and stood away from everybody. Anyways, the coolest part was that I discovered our two women bosses were totally cool and funny. I have a very high opinion of them now.

Another cool thing was I was talking with my co-worker who I’ve been working with for 6 years and we had a realy good conversation even after all these years. I love getting along with people! The barbeque ended and we got to go home early and still get paid for the whole day. And now it’s the weekend, time to get crap done.

And tomorrow I’m cooking a whole chicken and making baked potatoes because my sisters coming over for lunch. Life ain’t bad.


Good report, Nick!


Mate. Well done you. I know it’s not the easiest thing but having a good time with a group is so much goodness for us. I agree with @Jayster . A good report as usual and lots to build on for future interactions…that is cool because you never know when you may need a friend in the workplace.


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