Bar soap or Liquid soap?

I have always used bar soap, but I have been staying at my moms house and all she has is liquid soap… and man have I been missing out!! LIQUID SOAP ALL DAY.


Yes. I love body wash.

I had a mental health worker go over my receipts too see where I could cut back. She suggested I ditch body wash and use regular bars of soap. :raised_hands:

I feel like bar soap is more unsanitary than liquid soap.

Bar soap for the area that need extra cleaning and body wash in all of the other areas so that I can smell awesome.

I think maybe you guys are confusing “liquid soap” with 'body wash". Maybe I’m wrong. They can be two different things. Body wash is strictly for the shower. Liquid soap is the stuff in public restrooms to wash your hands with after you go to the bathroom, but you can also use liquid soap in your own private bathroom.

I use shampoo for my hair and most of the rest of my body. Bar soap has its “place.” I use liquid soap at my bathroom and kitchen sink to wash my hands.

I use lavender bar soap. There are five ingredients and none of them are bad for me.

Liquid soap feels like it doesn’t rinse off to me

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I have both liquid and bar soap.

I use both… I have all kinds of soaps collected over the years, many from when my Mom passed away and she had probably 100+ bars and liquid soaps, then soaps people have sent here or left here…I have all kind of scented body washes, some with abrasive scrubbie materials that exfoliate, lavender soaps, apple cinnamon, homemade oatmeal soaps, rose scent, etc…

Bar soap used to contain lye which is better for serious cleaning. It is at least more condensed now so it is better for armpits. I used to use both, bar soap 1st then bodywash. I just use bodywash now, but I might go back to both.

In a pinch I once used liquid dish soap to wash my face. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mostly use bar soap.

We have both at home for washing hands. Rather by circumstance than planned. I think I have a preference for bar soap because I have issues with liquid things like lotion. Though I need to get over that because my skin is getting dry.

For the shower we have Body Wash, Moisturizers, and Dove bar soap.

I use Palmolive dish soap for shampoo, have for many years, no need for conditioner, haven’t used that for many years.
Sounds weird, but it works for me. I will also use it on my face too.
Otherwise, bar soap in the shower, liquid hand soap in the glass dispenser in the bathrooms.

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Irish Spring…

I love that scent-on a man. I like the lighter scent of Lever 2000 on me.

It’s cheap too…It goes on sale a lot. I think I’ve heard of Lever somewhere.

Sam’s club and Costco sell it by the dozens fairly cheap.