Banned books today in America. okay, we're living in the 1950's

I got off on adult books, what was there for me in the 80’s?


I’m not big on banning books either. Truth is though, I don’t think any books are banned by the government in U.S.A. to have in your possession. Just that libraries and schools will not use/carry them. So, the term “banning” is a little misused IMO.

I’m not thoroughly versed on this issue though, so I might be talking out of my rear end.


parents. they don’t want anything exposed to their kids.


but don’t get me wrong, rarely do books change you,
its more an empathetic or realistic view of the times.


Terence McKenna said people would say about him DONT LET HIM GET A HOLD OF AN ALDUOUS HUXLEY NOVEL. So you know what he did. He secretly started reading Huxley. Brilliant guy I must say

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