Banksy, art & capitalism

Here is another example of how Banksy’s art has been capitalised:

Banksy artworks ‘boarded up’ at empty Lowestoft store | Lowestoft Journal

The point of graffiti is that it is illicit, anti-establishment and creates art for the masses without being monetised.

All of Banksy’s art is worth a fortune. He puts his graffiti in places hard to take away and makes it difficult to cash in on. Most people manage to find a way by completely cutting out walls and stuff.

The message of his work seems to be overlooked. Graffiti is cheap, mostly easy to do and reaches people. His work alludes to anarchism, trying to open eyes of the masses to the pitfalls of its current state.

All people can see is how much is it worth? :money_mouth_face:

What do you think about Banksy?

I find his type of art annoying. But I’m old.

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I thought it was nice of him to graffiti a boys club door so they could sell the art to raise funds

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I’m not into the art scene and I generally don’t like graffiti, although some of the stuff I have seen is impressive.

I only heard about Banksy because a “Banksy of England” bank note that he created came into the pawn shop on the show Pawn Stars.

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I have never been a fan of defacing someone else’s property to make art.

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