Bands that got you through your teenage years?

U2, the Cure, Tears for Fears, Pearl Jam, Nirvana


MillenColin, trivium, drdre, snowboard video and MTN bike video soundtracks

Metallica, Primus, Slipknot, Nirvana, Green Day, Black Sabbath etc etc

My brother and I would listen to WPLJ on the alarm clock radio in our room growing up.

This was at night during bedtime.

They played classic rock music, mainly softer hits.

Oh the nostalgia!

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Gonna look up some bands here.

In flames, linkin park, as I lay dying, metallica, led zeppelin and rage against the machine.

Teens years?
Motley Crue
Guns N roses
Bon Jovi

I started off hair metal and then moved to harder stuff.

i had pretty crap taste in music as a kid. but the bands i liked that i still kiinda like is pearl jam and dave mathews band. and then in my late teens i got into punk like flogging molly and reel big fish. i don’t listen to punk anymore, that phase only lasted about a year. o yeah and how could i forget the red hot chili peppers.

I’m not really a big fan of music. I mean I enjoy it sometimes. It’s just that I’m not obsessive over it or anything. I’ve never really listened to music religiously. The only time I came close to that was Kotton Mouth Kings in ninth grade. I’m not really into one particular genre solely. All genres are good and add to the music landscape.

Led Zeppelin with beer and a few joints got me through high school.

Could have seen the Pink Floyd “Animals” concert when they toured in 1977 but I got grounded by my mom that week for an unrelated issue and my friends went without me.

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Metallica was my first fav band. Then Bay Area thrash metal in general. Then grunge came, and alternative metal like Faith no More and Pantera. Nowadays I listen to black metal, thrash metal and death metal. Absolutely no numetal (linking park and american stuff like that),

Pink Floyd
Casting Crowns
Def Leppard

Yup, I had most of their albums.


Pink Floyd was my teenage first band crush…

After that I hung out with indie peeps so I found punk and all that glorious stuff.

Too many too name. But love lots now…

Pink Floyd
The Minutemen
Husker Du
The Pixies…Favorites of mine.

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Pink Floyd has remained my most stable obsession throughout the years. Own quite a few shirts featuring various album covers of theirs.


Like @Kormo, i used to listen to Korn, Limp Biscuit, Linkin Park, Evanescence…and some other bands that i can’t remember right now.

Fall out boy, paramore, linkin park