Banalities and interests

I live in a paradox. I hate banalities in the real life social exchanges, but other’s opinions about interesting subjects often bore me to death.

I find that in the internet I get the perfect amount of banal and interesting topics of conversation, because I can choose which ones to read and reply to.

I’ve often been told that I should discuss more banalities and allow them into my mind, but I find it a waste of time.

Bah, humbug.

I’m sure I’m not the only one.


With my best friends, we just play with words most of the time. Exchanging absurdities. That may sound superficial, maybe it is. We rarely talk about work or studies or those kind of things. To me that would be superficial.


It’s not superficial, it’s fun.

I mean make up and guy talk, I have no patience for those.


I know what you mean about the banalities. I find that stuff unbearably tedious. Of course, that sometimes leaves me unprepared to deal with the ordinary complexities of life. And you’re right. The internet is the perfect medium for people to communicate, for a lot of reasons. We still need face to face interaction, but the internet fills our need for a lot of conversation.

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I don’t want to sound pretentious by writting this at all, but it’s a problem I have always faced.

Had people telling me, “Please, talk about football or soap operas!”

But the mysteries of the universe are much more appealing.

I’ve been making an effort to broaden my desinteresting subjects of appreciation.

We have such unique experiences and mindsets, that, that’s probably to be expected.


On my manic phases I’m unbearable. Psychotic I don’t make sense.

I can talk about American football a little bit, but not like most guys can. I handle it by keeping to myself. I always enjoy intelligent conversation.


Since conspiracy theories are out of the picture, I have more uninteresting topics to talk about :smile:

sometimes the casual and simple conversations with a total stranger are nice… and I do relate to you @minnii in finding disinterest in the interesting when someone else starts sharing there opinion about it.

I used to be highly interested in spiritual and metaphysical discussions… no I disdain them… and they are some of the most fantastic take you out of your head and away from the trite type convos…

@flybottle… my friends and I do that as well… wordplay and quotes from things that were clever and probably the essence of our collective nostalgia…

but I do talk about women a lot… also I go on bitching about my internal frustrations which are valid and invalid…

but really… I don’t mandate a conversation goes in any direction really… there are people I know that I like talking to because they are generally aligned with my perspective and there is virtually no conflict or demand of change among those folk… where everywhere else my frustrations are invalid and need to be disregarded without any real analysis because they are not shared. Part of me wants to know if its just to disdain some things… part of me wonders why I’m upset with it… only like-minded but divergent folk can really provide insight into any of that…

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I started following baseball in order to be able to talk to people who cared about it. It worked, and it was fun.

The best part was being able to talk easily with my grandfather. We come from different worlds and sometimes it seems like the one thing we have in common is our love for each other.

Anyway, I think there’s a lot of value in being able to talk about mundane things. In a way, it’s electing to be a part of this world, putting your desire to connect and care for other people first.


I tend toward making each day a picnic, esp in my conversation with myself. I usually don’t have anyone to talk with. Sometimes the picnic turns into a panic. I must be sincere in my speech, or I get bored. Sometimes it helps to talk about things in a banal way. It relieves the pressure of being superhuman. We SZ’s are gifted with insightful and meaningful thinking. Sometimes I just talk to listen. Other people have stories to tell or want go get something off their chest.

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