I’ve came to realize everything in life is about balance and momentum. I’ve had years of illness and years of wellness.

It had to do with multiple different types of balance:
•balance in work, social, family, relationships
•balance in thoughts and being mindful
•balance in emotions/feelings/stress
•balance in left/right brain / senses

•balance in energy, energy is what drives All the above.

I feel like I’m in in a constant battle of controlling my energy at times . That is what usually causes the above and vise versa.

Any thoughts?

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Definitely life is all about balance. Cause everything is interrelated.


It’s all about being in your own drivers seat. Never let yourself become the observer of your own life.

Can’t cowar to your illness or others peoples manipluation.

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Mental illness is like owner a car with an automatic transmission . Then one day you jump in it to take it for a drive and realize its a mack truck with manual 16 gears high and low.

That doesn’t mean sell it and settle for a fraction of the life you deserve and still have to live.

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I think that balance doesn’t work as well as reaching for the tops. Reach for the tops and you top that boring mediocre thing.


That is very true. If you think your the weakest link you’ll eventually turn into one