Balance is the Key

Stay on your meds folks unless your Doctor advises you otherwise.

Fight and experiment until you find the correct dose(s) and correct drug(s) that work for you.

Be your own Boss. Nobody else knows how you truly feel. And don’t let up until you win!! And you’ll know you’ve won when your life finally has…




I’ve been hospitalized 4 times since 2006…and I ain’t goin back! I finally got it into my hard head.

“Just think of it as an aspirin a day to keep you healthy” is what my doc said. Took me forever to buy in, but now I’m totally on board.

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Your key looks more interesting, though. Like it would lead to an old Treasure Map or somethin.

lamest key i could find… atleast from a “lame key” Google search.


yes, I have kept doing this since 2012 I got 2 relapses. This year I reduced my dose of Amisulpride by 50 mg. So far so good. Next year I am going to reduce another 50 mg. If that is successful I will stay forever on 150mg.

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I think you never really do get medication to do exactly what you want it to do for you. It’s just something to put up with. Among all the medications out there, you CAN find the right one for you, although it might take a lifetime.

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Well said.

I’m settling in with Abilify these days. Seems to be doing the trick. I’m not too high, not too low.

Balance is everything.

I’m losing my balance on the tight-rope… there are things that I think that come and go