Bah! Damn, those politicians

Californians, don’t expect your $400 gas rebate check anytime soon. Latest news today is the soonest it might be here is October. I’m not counting on it anymore.


I was never expecting it.

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Yay! Promise California let us down on.

To many conductors.

California really should impose hegemony on the world.

That will show them.

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I am so glad I left there and didn’t go back. I got an email today my old house in San Diego was worth like $800,000 now. I sold it for $360,000 in 2015. Lost my ass. Paid overt a half a million for it. Maybe I should have held on to it. But the mortgage payment was huge.

We lived in SoCal for 10 years. I miss Fry’s electronics, the Mexican food, and the weather. But that’s about it. Oh and in and out burger. We have an El pollo loco in Louisiana now.

We were Chargers fans but they moved to LA. Glad we are gone. My wife hated it but I did enjoy the surfing. Wasn’t very good at it but it rounded out the weekend.

Sorry about the last comment can you mr Bowens delete mine and the one the other guy wrote about " Californian hegemony "

No, you can’t request someone else’s post be deleted @Notap208300

But Californian hegemony sounds almost as bad as Russian or German hegemony in my opinion

So? That’s just your opinion. Doesn’t mean you can tell us to delete another’s comment becausr you don’t like it.

I would tend to agree on one point, I was suspended on here
for being anti-vax.
@Ninjastar called it medical evidence for the reason
for suspension.
well, if she can decide her body, so will I.