Bad voices

My voices are loud at the moment …the man from the radio says i have a chip in my arm i have a mark where he said it was
My husband don’t believe that its a chip just a irritated bit of skin but av had it for months and its not going am not itching it or anything its been there for a while

I also hear God and angels and the devil and demons
God and the angels are good the devil and the demons are mean telling me to kill myself most of the time

Today ( Thursday ) i went to my hearing voices group and then went to a drop in for people with mental health problems it was so busy there and the devil and demons was telling me to hurt people
I didn’t hurt anyone but i need to get away from the people who where there
Tomorrow ( Friday ) am just staying in the house i need some time without so many people there
There is another hearing voices group that i can go to but its the other side of town its on from 2pm til 3pm
its will be the first time ill be going to that one

am listening to music at the moment rock it seems to help

Mine tell me to kill myself as well, it gets a bit annoying after awhile.

My voices say it a lot and I feel to tired to fight them if it wasn’t for my husband I would have killed myself already
Tonight there making me feel that I must die.
So tired of fighting them

You need held from your physician, even though your are going through an awful time, maybe medicine and counseling can help you and of course from the loving support of your husband and tell other people you love what is going on with you. sometimes voices can be unbearable just remember their just voices and not to believe them even though this can be tough

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I used to just listen to my old mp3 player and even watch TV while listening to the mp3 player such that any speaking on the TV is kept separate if you know what I mean.

I have been 99% free of voices since I started taking medicine consistently. That would be my advice to you: get on medication or have your meds examined by a qualified prescriber if you’re already on them. Things CAN and DO get better, promise.

mine have asked me to kill myself too but that was a long time ago…it’s almost as if they get bored of the same subject lol…some r consistant but when i stop believing in them they change the topic completely…keeps me on my toes anyway…always trying to get me to believe in something nutty. i’ve given up now tbh. they can just talk but i don’;t pay them much heed. i have to answer back in my head but i don’t believe what they say anymore…it’s all ■■■■■■■■ anyway so what’s the point? i’ll protect myself as much as i can but other than that, pay them no heed at all. sheer and utter bollocks most of the time. xxx

Got up too late for the hearing voices group…am on medication but it hasn’t helped me and my psych is going to be taken me off them unsure if am going to get anything else
the voices really know how to get to me
i guess i give them to much power over me
Am listening to music to drown them out and am going to try other things as well
i really wish i could have went to that group today but its too late to go now

most of mine try to protect me from the two that are evil: Aubrey and Wolf. They try and make me go insane, which I already am. Xavier keeps me sane though when he is there…

my voices r idiots really. they’re always trying some new scam or other but i don’t believe them anymore…their latest is giving me the lottery numbers but they never actually do, they just talk about it…then they talk about other dimensions that they have access to, the dead ones maintain they r telepathic as do the live ones which is bollocks so far as i can c. they talk of me inventing free energy which is also bollocks as it’s not free, just cheap, they try and convince me of a government conspiracy which is also bollocks. nah people…don’t believe the voices. all they do is lie out their arses day in day out…wouldn’t mind those lottery numbers though!

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Ella, their are a lot of meds. Maybe one you use to be on worked good enough to go back on. Or their are a lot of new ones coming out. Sometimes the old ones work well also. The quickest way to find a med that works is in a mental hospital where you are always being evaluated if your getting better or worse with the new meds. Also what works for some doesn’t work for others. I can barely hear mine so their easy to ignore. But they have me convinced that they well never let me have a job.

Things are really bad at the moment voices telling me to self injure and i feel like i need to the drugs that i am on are risperdone and chloprzine ( spelling ??)
hopefully ill find something that will help

@Ella I feel bad for you, I remember when I had bad voices, I couldn’t fall asleep because of them…Don’t try to embrace the idea of the chip implant, you know there aren’t any, do you feel it there, can you locate it? did you see the movie “Beautiful Mind” Nash tried to find the implant but he ended up harming him self

I do agree with you that music distraction may stop the voices, you might keep on doing that…I did that since my relapse had happened, I didn’t hear voices at all…
Actually my voices are other people’s thoughts, weather they were good or bad, it might be useful, but it’s really annoying when they start it’s kind of impossible to stop them.

Hi Ella, I don’t know if you use tumblr or not but this one page has a section on distractions and alternatives. Maybe some of them can help you to get through some of the bad times.

My voice is a male one and it tells me that I am a liar and a hypocrite and that I must stop pretending, then I get confused and disturbed and don’t know what thoughts and feelings I have are real or not. But when I’m on my meds the voice goes away to faint occasional thoughts which don’t stay in my head and disturb me, but just float away.

Thank you for the link
Last night i felt i was a robot wanted to cut to prove but my husband is keeping an eye on me so i don’t cut
Feel a bit better today but av only just got up so ill see how the day goes