Bad voices, bad entities

sharing my experience, i have no one else to share this with that i feel comfortable with:

I had two entities (as i call them) that were bad, the first one was some kind of unseen form that would follow me around my school, it used to live in my classroom. it knew everything bad about me, what i had done and what i was going to do, if i ever left anything i had touched in the classroom, even trash or a pencil, it would touch it and know everything bad i did and would reveal it to everyone i loved, so i refused to leave anything in the classroom and took all my trash home with me. I thought if i did that id be safe until one day it followed me home and began living in my basement. it would send presences to follow me when it could not leave the basement. I took all my belonging out of the basement and into my bedroom, before long i became a hoarder. another one came to me later in life when i was about 17 or 18, an entity with sharp teeth and i could hear the teeth gnashing and clicking against each other when it whispered to me and crouched outside my window. during the night it sent intruders after me that tapped my windows and scratched at the door, knocked on my windows, they wanted to get me. i didn’t leave my house for years.

Thank you for sharing.

They seem so real when they happen. It’s scary. Pure terror.

The pills help with my fears and hallucinations

Therapy has helped with my ability to get out of the house more.

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Your experiences are scary. I hope somehow or another they will go away.

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